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It is planned to clarify various incidents of the 1400-year Islamic war against Christians, Jews, Hindus and others. But, as this is an extensive subject, articles will take time to prepare.

Fortunately, background information is already available on other sites. Some of this information will be found on the following links:

Exploring the Qur'an - Its teaching on such issues as: The Bible, Science, Women, Prostitution, Human Rights, Slavery, Freedom of Belief and many more. There is also a Short Introduction to the Qur'an.

The Myths of Muhammad - at Mecca, at Medina, as the Conqueror, as the Moralist.

Games Muslims Play - arguments used by modern Muslims in attempts to defend Islam and its history.

Is The Qur'an Hate Speech? - the Quran's attitude to non-Muslims.

The Myths of Islam -
Islam means peace
Islam respects women as Equals
Jihad means 'Inner Struggle'
Islam is a religion of Peace
Islam is tolerant of other religions
Islam facilitated a 'Golden Age' of scientific discoveries
Islam is opposed to Slavery
Islam is incompatible with terrorism
Islam is Democracy
The Qur'an is the Muslim counterpart to the Bible

These historical items are part of a larger site that contains current news and comment. In accordance with our normal policy, it is not within the scope of our site to comment on approaches to modern events.


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