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Militant homosexuals have been creating a new historical myth. It is that homosexuals were one of the main victims of the Nazi Holocaust.

They have had some success, as may be illustrated by a letter sent out by Amnesty International in 2005. We read:

"Since Jews, Roma, gay persons and disabled persons were the principle victims of the Holocaust ".

So were gay persons amongst the
principle victims? Let us look at the facts.

Deaths in the extermination, labour and Prisoners of War camps have been estimated as follows:

Jews: 6 million [half in camps, others in Ghettos or shot].
Poles: (mainly Catholic) 1.8-1.9 million [mostly in Camps and Ghettos].
Soviet troops: 2-3 million [starved in Prisoner Of War Camps]
Roma [Gypsies]: 220-500 000
Political enemies: hundreds of thousands

The euthanasia of 80-100,000 disabled and mentally ill Germans was mainly carried out in German hospitals and nursing homes. But hundreds of thousand were 'mercy killed' elsewhere.

These figures may be checked by reference to several sections of the Wikipeadia website.

It would be unjust to imply that most gays support the wild claims of the Militants. According to respected historians within the Gay community, the number of homosexual men who died in the camps was between 5,000-15,000, and also a small number of women. Another homosexual historian has published an estimate of 6,000.

By exaggerating gay deaths under Hitler, the Militants hope to establish 'victim status sympathy' to assist their political campaigns. But, when compared to the millions of non-homosexuals killed, their claim is seen to be deceptive.

The Militants have done a disservice to other homosexuals. Reaction to their wild claims has led to the spotlighting of homosexuality within the leadership of the early Nazi movement, and its continuance throughout the war.

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