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AD       AD 2000, 582 Queensbury Street, Vic 3051, Australia.

AF       The Documents of the Second Vatican Council by Austin Flannery, 1975.

AH       Modern Catholicism by Adrian Hastings, 1991.

AH1     Harmony of the Gospels by Augustine of Hippo, book 1 (web EP 445)

AH4     Harmony of the Gospels by Augustine of Hippo, book 4 (web EP 447)

AJM     Luke’s Use of Matthew by A.J.McNicol, 1996.

AJMT   Two Gospel Hypothesis by A.J.McNicol, Perkins Journal, 1987.

AMJ     Ante-Marcionite Prologue to John, Regul MSS S2, 3, 7, 8.

AMM   Ante-Marcionite Prologue to Mark, Regul MSS J2, S2, 3.

AP        The Acts of Peter chapter 20, by author unknown, circa 180 (web ecw).

AS        Corpus scriptorium ecclesiasticorum latinorum [908] by A. Souter

BHSG   The Four Gospels by B. H. Streeter, 1924.

BHSR   Reality, a new correlation of science and religion by B. H. Streeter, 1927.

BMM    The Early Versions of the New Testament by Bruce M. Metzger, 1977.

BOA     Annales Theologici, vol.7 (in English) by Bernard Orchard, 1993.

BOD     Dei Verbum & Synoptic Gospels, B.Orchard, July 1990 (web ES 99).

BOF      The Four Gospel Hypothesis by Bernard Orchard, 1993

BOM     Matthew, Luke and Mark by Bernard Orchard, 2nd edition, 1977.

BOO      The Origin and Evolution of the Gospels by B. Orchard (pamphlet), 1993.

CCC      The Catechism of the Catholic Church, 1994 (web E).

CCCC    Catechism of the Catholic Church, Corrigenda, 1997.

CCHS    A Catholic Commentary on Holy Scripture, 1953

CD        A Question of Conscience by Charles Davis, 1967.

CE        The Catholic Encyclopaedia, 1912, (web ce).

CL        Back to the Bible by Cuthbert Lattey, 1944.

CMT     The Revival of the Griesbach Hypothesis by C. M. Tuckett, 1983.

COR     Epistle of Clement of Rome to Corinthians, Kirsopp Lake. (web EP 503).

CR        From Nun to Mum by Clare Richards, 1991.

CTG     The Gospel of Matthew by Claude Tresmontant, 1986.

CTH     The Hebrew Christ by Claude Tresmontant, 1989.

CTJ       Jesus: Life or Legend by Carston Thiede, 1997.

CTP      The Jesus Papyrus by Carston Thiede, 1997.

CTR      Rekindling the Word by Carston Thiede, 1995.

DAS     Divino Afflante Spiritu by Pope Pius XII, 1943. (web E).

DR        Downside Review. 

DV        Dei Verbum, Second Vatican Council, 1965. (web E).

DVI      De Viris Illustribus by Jerome (web na   Fathers).

DBP      Mark’s Use of Matthew and Luke, edited by D.B.Peabody, 2002.

*EB      The Historicity of the Bible by Edith Black, H&PR, 1980 (web ca).

EH        Ecclesial History,Eusebius Pamphili,(Kirsopp Lake)1980(webEP189-191)

EL         Is There a Synoptic Problem? by Eta Linnemann, 1993.

EM       Influence de l’evangilo de saint E. .Massaux  Louvain, 1950.

ESB      Extraordinary Synod of Bishops, full Report, 1985 (web esb)

FJR       A Basic Guide To Religious Instruction by F. J. Ripley, 1965.

FM        Faith Magazine, 16a off Coniston Way, Reigate, RH2 0LN.

GC        Article by G. Caprile in Civilita Cattolica, 1966,1.

GCD     General Catechetical Directory, Congregation of the Clergy 1972 (web E).

GE        The Church in Rome in the First Century by G. Edmundson, 1913.

GS        Historical Introduction to the New Testament by George Salmon, 1885.

HO       Observations on the Four Gospels by Henry Owen, 1764.

HPR      Homiletic and Pastoral Review

HR        Preface to Luke by Harold Riley, 1993.

HRPD   Christ In Our World by Hubert Richards & Peter De Rosa, 1966.

HVC     The Formation of the Christian Gospel by Hans von Compenhausen (1972)

HWF    The Future of The Church by H. Wansbrough, 2003 (web hwf)

HWG    Gospels by H. Wansbrough, Theology Trust, 2003.

IAH      Adversus Haereses, book 3, by Irenaeus tr. by J. Keble 1872 (web EP 13).

IDU      Ancient Christian Writers-Irenaeus,book 1, trans. intro. by D.Unger, 1992

IJK       Irenaeus to Florinus translated by J. Keble, 1872 (web na second item).

JATR    Redating the New Testament by J.A.T. Robinson, 1976.

JATRP  The Priority of John by J. A. T. Robinson, 1985.

JC         The Birth of the Synoptics by Jean Carmignac, English, translated 1987.

JHC      John the Presbyter by John H.Chapman, 1911.

JJK       History/Critique ofMarcanHypothesis,Meijboom1835-66, J.J.Kiweit,1993.

JMA     First Apology to Emperor Antonius Pius by Justin Martyr. (web EP 2).

JMD     Dialogue with Trypho the Jew by Justin Martyr. (web EP 4).

JNDK   The Pastoral Epistles by J.N.D. Kelly, 1960.

JPCT    Catechesi Tradendae by Pope John Paul II, 1979 (web E).

JPDV    Dominum et Vivificantem, by Pope John Paul II, 1986 (web E).

JPFR     Fides et Ratio by Pope John Paul II, 1998 (web E).

JPRC    Redemptoris Custos, by Pope John Paul II, 1989 (web E).

JPRM   Redemptoris Mater by Pope Paul II, 1987 (web E).

JRA      The Ratzinger Report of 1984 by V. Messori, pub.1985.

*JRL     Lecture by Cardinal Ratzinger, 27th January 1988 (web ca).

*JRLT  Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger on Liberation Theology 1984 (web ca).

*JRC    Cardinal Ratzinger at Catechetical Conference, 9th Oct. 2002 (web ca).

JW        The Church, Hope of the World by Cardinal John Wright, 1972.

KCH     The K. C. Hanson Collection of Ancient Documents (web kch).

LC         The Four Gospels by Lucien Cerfaux, 1960.

LT         Living Tradition, PO. Box 109 Eastman, WI54626, U.S.A (web rt).

LOR      L’ Osservatore Romano, 21st April 1986.

MFGR  Muratorian Fragment by Hippolytus, tr. by G. Rauschen 1905(web EP 97).

MJW     Catechisms and Controversies by Michael J. Wrenn, 1991.

MP        Paul the Letter Writer & the 2nd Letter to Timothy by Michael Prior, 1989.

NCCHS  The New Catholic Commentary on Holy Scripture, 1969, 1981.

PBCB    Interpretation of the Bible by Pontifical Biblical Comm. 1993 (web E).

PBCG    On Historic Truth of Gospels by Pontifical. Biblical Comm.1964 (web E).

PCB      Peake`s Commentary on the Bible, 1962.

PDR      Jesus who became Christ by Peter DeRosa, 1974.

PT         Turmoil and Truth by Philip Trower, Family Publications/ Ignatius, 2003.

*PT17   Turmoil and Truth by Philip Trower, chapter 17 only (web ca).   

RB        Response to 101 Questions on the Bible by Raymond E. Brown, 1990.

RBM     The Birth of the Messiah by Raymond E. Brown, 1977.

RDCA  Clement of Alexandria fragment trans. by Robert-Donaldson (web ecw)

RL       The Truth of Christmas by Rene Laurentin, 1986.

RO       The Order of the Synoptics by H. Riley and B. Orchard, 1987.

RSV     The Holy Bible: RSV Version, Catholic Edition, 1966.

SB        Scripture Bulletin, Newman College of H.E. Birmingham, B32 3NT.

SH        The Shepherd by Hermes (web EP 936).

SGP       The Syrian Christians by S. G. Pothan, 1963.

SNTW   Interpretation of the New Testament by Stephen Neill & Tom Wright 1988.

TE         The Tertullian Project by R. Pearse (web te).

*TMH   The Gospels as History by T. Mc Govern, H&PR 1992 (web ca).

*TMM   Magisterium, Scripture, Catholic Exegetes by T. McGovern 1991(web ca).

TR         The Council of Trent, 1546, (web E).

TW        The Wanderer, 20thApril 1995.  (web ES 100).

VAT      [First] Vatican Council, Session 4, chap.1, sections 3, 4 and 6 (web E).

VD        Verbum Dei  by  Pope Benedict XVI (2011).  (va).

WGK    The New Testament by W.G. Kummel, 1973.

WMA   The Documents of Vatican II translated by W. M. Abbott, 1965. (va).

WW        The Relationship Among The Gospels edited by W. Walker, 1978.

WRF       The Synoptic Problem by W. R. Farmer, 1976.

WRFB    Bismarck & The Four Gospels by W. R. Farmer, 1996 (web cih).

WRFN    New synoptic Studies by W. R. Farmer, 1983

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