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When younger I was asked questions, regarding the teachings or practices of the Church. I could often answer them from my own knowledge. If not, a book or a priest could help. But accusations concerning episodes in history were more difficult. Often they concerned obscure places, people and times. While busy bringing up a family, I had little time to carry out research.

So on retirement I started to provide booklets dealing with false anti-Catholic ‘history’. After a few years, my friend, Mark Alder, repeatedly pointed out that the Internet provided a better opportunity to reach a wider audience. He also offered to establish such a site. The existing booklets were scanned into html and pdf.  Then the opportunity arose to gather articles from other sources, (for which we give thanks). The availability of Audio talks on historical subjects, led us into the world of TV and Radio.

I became aware of the importance of treating the Gospels as historical documents. They were written by Apostles and men in close contact with the Apostles. The Markan Priority theory challenges this and leads to the assertion that the Gospels tell us of: ‘The Christ of Faith’ not: ‘The Jesus of history.’

It was pleasure, therefore, to discover Bernard Orchard O.S.B. and his writings to build a viable alternative to the Markan Priority theory. Unfortunately he died before fully publishing his researches. So section 3 of this site is now devoted to keeping alive his breakthrough findings and ideas.  It also aims to develop them further.

We wish those thank those who have made our site known. The posters below may be printed and displayed on notice boards or made into leaflets.

History Poster click HERE

Gospel Poster click HERE

With kind regards and God bless.

Dennis Barton and Mark Alder.

Work of Dennis Barton on Defending the Bride Website

Version: 8th June 2018

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