Stem Cells, Cervical and Breast Cancer, HIV, AIDS, Abortions, Homosexuality, the Pill, Population statistics etc.

Accusations accusing the Church of being: 'Against Science', are often made regarding contemporary medical developments. As a site dedicated to history, we do not normally answer these attacks.

However, as: 'prevention is better than cure ', this space will be used to preserve a few reports of a scientific nature. These will consist of items which have been ignored, downplayed or distorted by the secular Media.

911 (a) Contraception: Why Not? by Janet Smith

911 (b) The Pill's deadly affair with HIV/AIDS by Carolyn Moynihan

911 (c) The Vatican's Council Starts Collaboration with $1M Undertaking

911 (c2) The Reality of Stem-Cell Research

911 (d)
Contraception and Catholic Sexual Ethics

911 (e) Failure of Condoms Against Sexually Transmitted Diseases

911 (f) Doctors speak out about condom failures!

911(g) Top Ten Myths About Homosexuality

911 (h) Lesbians are the Best Parents Ever!!: 8 reasons why the latest study doesn’t prove anything.

Version: 4th June 2014