Origen (185 – 253) was a pupil of Clement of Alexandria (150 – 215).


Clement taught the Matthew- Luke- Mark sequence.


Yet Origen used the Matthew- Mark-Luke sequence.


Some ask why Origen would have contradicted his teacher, but this can be explained.


Clement states he, himself, is referring to the order of writing. He does so in such an unambiguous specific way, that it is obvious he knew many had accepted the Matthew- Mark- Luke order. He was informing them of something not generally known.


As Mark’s small first edition was published prior to Luke, it would have arrived at some churches prior to Luke’s scroll. It would have been filed in a pigeonhole immediately after Matthew’s scroll. In this manor a common reference sequence of Matthew-Mark-Luke would have become established in some areas. The exact times the two editions started to circulate, during Nero’s persecution, would have become unclear. Origen was quoting according to the local tradition where he lived.


Prior to Clement’s intervention, few would have thought about the order of writing and publication.


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