Some people have claimed that Mark wrote a Gospel based on Peter’s words uttered over a long period of time.


The ancient historians show the evidence against this.


In Adumbrations in epistolas canonices 1 Peter 5: 13.  We read:


Mark, the follower of Peter, while Peter was publicly preaching the Gospel at Rome before Caesar’s knights …  being begged by them … to record what was said, wrote the  Gospel which is called the Gospel of Mark.


Eusebius wrote: (EH 2. 15).


… Peter’s hearers … not being satisfied adequately with having just one hearing

… begged Mark, whose Gospel it is reputed to be …to bequeath to them also  in writing the record  of the teaching … by this means they became the cause of the Gospel writing that is said to be ‘according to Mark’.


Clement of Alexandria says: (EH 6, 5).


… [that] Gospel according to Mark has had this formation. Peter having preached the Word publicaly in Rome … many of those present begged Mark …  to record what had been said; … and he did so, …



So Peter gave his talk to one audience on one occasion and Mark recorded it. It was customary, at that time, for public talks to be recorded accurately using Greek shorthand.


Longer excerpts will be found in [G 214].


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