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Current Events

Christian Unity,

[cu 1] Theological Commission;
Martyrs & Unity.

[cu 2] Russia and Christian Unity

Pro Life,

[PL 1]TRUTHTV from Ireland

Pro-Life audios and videos
Click ttv
Download flash, if required.
Click ttv to enter flash.
To access audios, click Media.


[PL 2] YouTube
Several Pro-life short videos
Includes: 'The Silent Scream'
'Late-term Abortion'

N.B. The 'Partial-Birth Abortion' video
says it is illegal -this refers to America.


[PL 3] DAYFOR LIFE from bishops of U.K. and Ireland

Videos and Podcasts/audios


[PL 4] The Battle for Contraception.
[With Links to Key Documents regarding Humanae Vitae),

[PL 5] How the Pill Explodes the Mythology of Vatican II

Recent Attacks,

[ra 1] Sex abuse and the Catholic Church

[ra 2] Stem Cells, cervical and breast cancer,
HIV, AIDS, the Pill, Condoms,
Abortions, children with Lesbians,
population statistics etc.

[ra 3] The Passion of Pope Benedict XVl

[ra 4] The Pope on Condoms (Janet Smith)
What the Pope said (Vatican Information Service)

History Groups, Click Here

English Catholic History
Scottish Catholic History
South Slav
Queen Isabel

Free Book Downloads Click Here

Belloc, Chesterton etc.

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