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Books, talks and articles normally deal with specific historical periods and subjects. But there is also what may be called: “The ‘History of History’. Known as ‘Historiography’, this has been described as:

“The study of the processes by which historical knowledge is obtained and transmitted”.

This is a big subject and we do plan to examine it in depth. But it is important to realise that historical writings are influenced by the philosophical, religious and personal experiences of each author.

This is to be expected and may have the positive effect of allowing readers to see periods from differing perspectives. However it is often important for a reader to be aware of the movements within Historiographical thought.

The following are useful introductions to this subject.

1.   “Historiography is going through a serious crisis”.

       Pope Benedict XVI (7th March 2008).

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2.    The Exploitation of Religious Sentiment by Communism,

        Nazism, Liberalism and ‘Progressivism’.

[A review of Michael Burleigh’s three books].

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3. Exploring Religion, Shaped by the Enlightenment
by David Sorkin, Reviewed by: Peter S Steinfels

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4.    Short sayings worth remembering.

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Version: 11th June 2010

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