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PART 1. - Basic evidence for the Clementine Tradition.


INTRODUCTION - The Jesus of History or a Christ of Faith?

CONTENTS                 A List of Chapters

CHAPTER      1           The Clementine Tradition

CHAPTER      2          The Synoptic Zig- Zag and Doublets

CHAPTER      3           Peter’s method/motive writing/publishing; no errors

CHAPTER      4           Mark’s two editions/ Last Verses/ Paul- Pastoral Epistles

CHAPTER      5           Anti-Judaism in Matthew - Jamnia

CHAPTER      6           The Early Historical Evidence

CHAPTER      7           Liturgies of the Eastern Churches

CHAPTER      8           The mythical ‘Q’ , The Jerusalem Prophesies,

CHAPTER      9           Understanding: According to … 

CHAPTER    10           The Roman World; Archaeology; A Novel.

CHAPTER    11           The Jewish World and Shorthand.

CHAPTER    12           2000 year Timeline.


PART 2-More evidence compatible with the Clementine Tradition.  


CHAPTER     13            Dating Matthew

CHAPTER     14            Hebrew Matthew

CHAPTER     15            Luke and Acts    

CHAPTER     16            Luke’s Infancy narrative

CHAPTER     17            Luke’s Style: Matt and Luke; Matt and Acts; Oral Reports

CHAPTER     18            The Epistles and pseudonymity

CHAPTER     19            Epistle to the Hebrews

CHAPTER     20            John supplementing and clarifying Synoptic Gospels

CHAPTER     21            The impact of Markan priority

CHAPTER     22            References & Bibliography



3rd March 2017

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